zoom photo Izumrud-Sapphire

Is a device for water disinfection and purification, making the water antioxidant. Sapphire has one electrochemical cell, destroys all the heavy metals and toxins. The water after the treatment with Sapphire becomes activated, RedOx goes down substantially.

  • Restores the water structure
  • Disinfects water
  • Eliminates all the pathogens
  • Productivity: 60 liters/hour
  • Power: 60 Wt
  • Dim.: 300х250х80 mm

Sapphire is the basic model of Izumrud's water purifiers. It’s a good economical solution to your water problems. Although it has only one electrochemical reactor, water after treatment with Sapphire is free from all types of toxic organic compounds, heavy metal ions, iron and colloidal particles, while also boasting an improved structure and fresh taste.


Reduction and oxidizing potential (redox) of the water, which is treated with Sapphire, is lowered from +200…+400 mV down to -50 mV. This value is close to the human internal environment (-200 mV). This helps the body to save energy on water digestion. 

Water purification

Inside plastic the marble-colored body there is one electrochemical reactor – the heart of the water purifier. In addition to the reactor there is one mixing chamber, where the purifying process, started inside the reactor, is finished.

Activated water

During the process of electrochemical treatment in Izumrud devices a biological activation of the water takes place. During at least four hours after production, Emerald water maintains valuable properties, which in nature one can find only in glacier waters. Emerald water has high deoxidizing properties, which slows the aging process of the human body. This water is enriched with oxygen and helps to clear the body of chemical waste because of its ‘loosened’ structure. You can read more about water treatment with ECAS here.