zoom photo Izumrud-KFTO

Is a device for water disinfection and purification, making the water antioxidant. The water after the treatment with KFTO becomes activated, RedOx goes down substantially. KFTO is able top produce anode and kathode water, which is widely used for treatment and prevention of diseases.

  • Lowers RedOx down to -400 mV
  • Eliminate the pathogens
  • Produces anode and kathode water
  • Productivity: 30-60 liters/hour
  • Power: 60-100 Wt
  • Dim.: 300х250х80 mm

KFTO is the most functional model of Izumrud device. It is capable of not only purifying and activating tap water, but can also produce the infamous Dead and Living waters, which are widely used to treat diseases. In contrast to the STO model, KFTO is equipped with two electrochemical reactors, which provide flexible redox tuning and perfect purification. This device was developed for those who want to drink clean, tasty water as well as use water to improve their health.


Redox potential in KFTO can be adjusted depending on the purpose. In purification mode, redox of the water that is treated by KFTO equals -200 mV. This means better water digestion by body cells. However, if we turn the switch on the right side of the device, we activate an additional option – Dead and Living water production. Redox of the Living water is about -300…-400 mV (this provides the human system good antioxidant protection) and redox of the Dead water is about +500 mV.

Water purification

Water purification system in KFTO is almost identical to the purification system in the Diamond device. Inside its plastic marble-colored body are two electrochemical reactors – they are heart of the water purifier. Apart from the reactors, there is one mixing chamber where the purifying process, started inside the reactor, is finished. In addition to this, there are two quartz chambers in KFTO which improve water purification level.

Activated water

During the process of electrochemical treatment in Izumrud devices a biological activation of the water takes place. During at least four hours after production, Emerald water maintains valuable properties, which in nature one can find only in glacier waters. Emerald water has high deoxidizing properties, which slows the aging process of the human body. This water is enriched with oxygen and helps to clear the body of chemical waste because of its ‘loosened’ structure. You can read more about water treatment with ECAS here.

Anode and cathode water

Anode water is characterized by an acidic environment and has a powerful disinfecting and sterilizing effect. That’s why it can be used at home – to disinfect potable water, to treat rooms, to soak and wash the clothes, to treat the dishes, to preserve fruits, vegetables and root crops, and to treat humans and animals. Anode water has large capacity for cleaning polluted waters, pipes, vessels for water transportation, swimming pools and water sources.

Cathode water (catholyte) is characterized by an alkaline environment and is a powerful biostimulant. It easily penetrates biological membranes, stimulates enzymatic systems, cellular activity, oxidizing-reducing processes, prevents peroxidation of cellular membranes’ lipids (antioxidant), improves food digestion, normalizes cellular exchange, contributes to cleaning the body from chemical waste, and strengthens protection systems.