Aquaeca provides for:

  • Cost effective and safe disinfection and sterilization of all objects, as well as the skin of people;
  • Elimination of legionella in water systems in hospitals;
  • Removal of biofilm from the inner surface of pipelines;
  • Elimination of odours;
  • Elimination of mould
  • Treatment of skin diseases;
  • Elimination of the consequences of chemotherapy;
  • Elimination of sediments and salts from the human body.

AQUAECA is safe efficient and environmentally friendly disinfectant, which is produced on-place from salt and water by ECAS technology. AQUAECA is absolutely non-toxic, so that you can even drink the concentrated solution. It is effective against bacteria, viruses and even fungi spores. It is cheap and easy to produce in any amount with salt, water, electricity and AQUAECA machines.

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AQUAECA is used in hospitals as a disinfecting and sterilizing solution. There are several in Germany and France who also decided to change to AQUAECA. The reason behind is that AQUAECA is cheaper than any of the alternatives, safer and more efficient. Its multi-purpose application allows having only one disinfectant instead of many different kinds of DSS. The hospitals also solve the problem of delivery and storage, because the solution is produced on place.

AQUAECA has been tested and has certified research confirming the efficiency of the solution in different spheres:

  • Disinfection, washing and elimination of odors in premises: corridors, operating rooms, toilets, canteens in the hospitals, clinics and recreation centers; air disinfection; sanitary transport, equipment.
  • Disinfection and washing of equipment and materials: medical equipment, endoscopes, operational tools, clothes, shoes, rubber items.
  • Use as skin antiseptic: hand disinfection of doctors and medical staff; treatment of injection and operation areas; treatment of doctors' elbow folds. The efficiency of AQUAECA as a solution with curing characteristics (burns, cuts, ulcers etc.) is proven.
  • Waste disinfection: single-use items - bandages, clothes etc., biological extractions, food waste.

AQUAECA machines are possible to install in any small premise in the hospital. They are reliable, rather easy to handle and require uncomplicated washing with hydrochlorious acid from time to time. This is to eliminate calcium depositions which are caused by the minerals dissolved in the water.