Water treatment

With ECAS the water becomes disinfected and activated in the electrochemical cells. What is more – RedOx of the water lowers down to the values, which are typical for the human body (-200...-400 mV). This helps the digestion of such water without cells’ energy losses. This energy is kept in our immune system, and that’s why ECAS-treated water is considered to be antioxidant.

Water treatment process consists of two principal stages. These stages reproduce reactions, which happen in the human body, in the nature (ex: melting of glaciers, thunderstorm):

  • Water is oxidized in anode chamber. All the pathogen microorganisms are neutralized or killed, heavy metals become insoluble and cannot react with human digestive system any more.
  • Water is reduced in cathode chamber. Reducing-oxidizing potential of the water declines down to human blood values.

Water treatment systems of AQUAECA combine reduction and oxidation processes.

As a result of electrochemical treatment with ECAS the water becomes activated. That means that during some hours after the treatment the water keeps negative RedOx, free structure of the molecules. That’s why it is recommended to take the activated water shortly after it has been treated. Though, the water stays disinfected indefinitely.