Agriculture and animal breeding

  • Preservation of crop vegetables and fruits;
  • Increase of seeds germinating capacity;
  • Preservation of flowers while growing and transporting;
  • Treatment of plant diseases;
  • Conservation (silage) of fodders;
  • Disinfection of livestock premises in the presence of animals;
  • Prevention and treatment of diseases of animals and poultry;
  • Elimination of parasites;
  • Elimination of African swine fever;
  • Increase in weight of pigs during their cultivation;
  • Elimination of salt deposits from the body of animals;
  • Increasing the shelf life of products, e.g. poultry meat;
  • Elimination of odours;
  • Elimination of mould.

AQUAECA is safe efficient and environmentally friendly disinfectant, which is produced on-place from salt and water by ECAS technology. AQUAECA is absolutely non-toxic, so that you can even drink the concentrated solution. It is effective against bacteria, viruses and even fungi spores. It is cheap and easy to produce in any amount with salt, water, electricity and AQUAECA machines. Read more about AQUAECA.

AQUAECA is multi-purpose, so it can be applied to different spheres of agricultural activity.

From our experience, one of the most efficient ways of applying AQUAECA is preparation of silage. Use of AQUAECA in preparation of silage allows using a cheap solution, made on place from salt and water instead of buying costly chemical additives. Application of AQUAECA as a preservative for the preparation of silage allows to reduce protein and sugar losses. Digestion of feed increases substantially. Output of the ready feed with the application of silage technology, increases up to 80-90%. There is no butyric acid in silage, and in the balance of acids, there prevails the lactic acid.

Another use of AQUAECA would be in disinfecting agricultural premises, which allows to prevent many cattle illnesses and reduce smell at the farms. AQUAECA deals with most of the bacteria known in technological cycles. For the purpose of smell reduction we would recommend to use fogger TUMAN for fine-dispersed disinfection.

Adding AQUAECA to the cattle food has proven that the weight and productivity of the animals increase rapidly. Moreover, it prevents many microbiological and viral illnesses.

AQUAECA machines are possible to install in any small premise at the farm. They are reliable, rather easy to handle and require uncomplicated washing with hydrochloric acid from time to time. This is to eliminate calcium depositions which are caused by the minerals dissolved in the water. The machines consume about 0,6 kW per hour.