Other areas

  • Meat processing
    Disinfection of the equipment and premises without after-washing, treatment of carcasses in order to increase their product life
  • Milk industry
    Disinfection of equiplent, package, stock without after-washing etc.
  • Fish industry
    Disinfection of the equipment, package, stock without after-washing etc., increase of product life term of fish, conservation of caviar, production of chitin from shell-containing raw material, refinement of cod liver oil, various uses in shrimps industry.
  • Communal services
    Swimming pool water disinfection, disinfection and washing in hotels, airports, railway stations, institutions for children, food stores, children recreation centers, sport centers, health resorts, baths, restaurants, cafes, at the trade objects, municipal objects, sanitary and veterinary related objects, hairdressers' shops, toilets. Elimination of all kinds of mould, elimination of odours. Disinfection of water-supply systems and water pipes, disinfection of drinking water at water supply stations, at water treatment plants and in extreme conditions. Elimination of Legionelle pnevmophilla. Disinfection of water in reservoirs, including yachts and sport boats (motor ships). Disinfection of outside waters at the vessels of high displacement, etc. Application of aerosol complex AQUAECA-TUMAN for the disinfection of closed places and places and objects difficult to access, containers, transport, sanitary treatment of the air.
  • Households
    Disinfection and treatment of drinking water. Treatment of food in order to improve their product life (fruits, vegetables, berries, meat, fish). Sterilization of home-use items, medical items, washing and bleaching of clothes. Cosmetic care of skin and hair, preparation of cosmetic cream, lotions, masks, decoctions of medical herbs. Curing and prevention of illnesses of pets, aquarium fish, struggle against vermins. Elimination of unpleasant odours, disinfection of air conditioners in homes, offices, cars.
  • Plant raising
    Plant growth stimulation, improvement of germination, disinfection of grain, increase of product life of vegetables, fruits, truncated flowers, control of vermins, struggle against viral and fungous plant illnesses, compost preparation.
  • Air conditioners disinfection
    Washing air conditioners with AQUAECA would kill the pathogens (including Legionella) and prevent the appearance of mould.
  • Gardening and flower industry
    Prevention and curing of the illnesses of flowers, increase of seeds germination. Keeping flowers in AQUAECA will increase their product life.