Brief information

AQUAECA IZUMRUD SL (SPE Izumrud) is a developer and manufacturer of disinfection solutions and machines, basing on the principle of electrochemical activation of water solutions and salines (ECAS) and works with this technology from the year 1998. The company has production facilities in Saint-Petersburg (Russia), a number of representatives in Russia and all around the globe, daughter company in Spain. In 2010 AQUAECA IZUMRUD won a competition of innovative projects and was invited by the Science and Technology Park of the University of Girona to make research and business activities on ECAS technology.

Main activities

  • Research of ECAS application in different areas:
    • development of the technologies and methods of ECAS application.
  • Production of ECAS machines for:  
    • purification and disinfection of water, adding antioxidant characteristics to the treated water;
    • production of disinfecting and sterilizing solutions.
  • Service of ECAS machines.


Brief description of Develop Your Talent programme:

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