Water treatment

We provide for:

  • Provision of drinking antioxidant water;
  • Drinking water supply for cities and towns;
  • 1 small device giving water to 5000 people
  • Disinfection of circulating water in cooling towers;
  • Disinfection of effluent from helminth;
  • Elimination of biofilm from the inner surface of pipelines;
  • Elimination of odours
  • Elimination of all the pathogen microorganisms
  • Elimmination of fungi, bacteria and viruses, as well as fungi spores
  • Production of disinfectant on-place
  • Consumption of less electricity

AQUAECA is safe efficient and environmentally friendly disinfectant, which is produced on-place from salt and water by ECAS technology. AQUAECA is absolutely non-toxic, so that you can even drink the concentrated solution. It is effective against bacteria, viruses and even fungi spores. It is cheap and easy to produce in any amount with salt, water, electricity and AQUAECA machines. Read more about AQUAECA.

The technology of water disinfection implies adding a small proportion of AQUAECA to the contaminated water. The water is mixed with AQUAECA and after a period of time it becomes disinfected and ready to drink.

An example can be taken from Malaysia, where AQUAECA is used on a water supply station of a village with a population of 5000 people. AQUAECA is installed in the pipe which streams to the village and the device doses a portion of AQUAECA to the contaminated water, supplying the entire village with potable water.

AQUAECA machines are possible to connect to a pipe or a water reservoir. They are reliable, rather easy to handle and require uncomplicated washing with hydrochlorious acid from time to time. This is to eliminate calcium depositions which are caused by the minerals dissolved in the water. The machines consume about 0,6 kW per hour.