Swimming pools

Which problems can we solve:

  • Eyes and mucous tunic irritation of swimming pool visitors
  • Overdose risk
  • Swallow risk
  • Formation of biofilm on the pool filtration elements
  • High cost of disinfectants
  • Difficulties of quick delivery of disinfectant.

AQUAECA is safe efficient and environmentally friendly disinfectant, which is produced on-place from salt and water by ECAS technology. AQUAECA is absolutely non-toxic, so that you can even drink the concentrated solution. It is effective against bacteria, viruses and even fungi spores. It is cheap and easy to produce in any amount with salt, water, electricity and AQUAECA machines. Read more about AQUAECA.

AQUAECA is used in potable water treatment; hence, its safety for the swimming pools is more than enough. It resolves the problem of eyes', nose and mouth irritation of pools visitors and the problem of swallow or overdose risk. AQUAECA has a favorable impact on human body because of active oxygen, ozone and hypochlorious acid, which is also a natural oxidant of the human body. AQUAECA also eliminates the biofilm in swimming pools' filtration elements, kills all the dangerous bacteria including Legionella and makes the water transparent.

AQUAECA machines are possible to install in any dosage system of the swimming pool. You can regulate the parameters of the solution upon your needs: pH, RedOx, concentration, volume of the solution. They are reliable, rather easy to handle and require uncomplicated washing with hydrochlorious acid from time to time. This is to eliminate calcium depositions which are caused by the minerals dissolved in the water.